Used Plasma Cutters


When you consider used plasma cutter there are numerous features which you should look for. The most important factors, by far are how easy the cutter is to use, its performance, and quality. Don't forget to always make sure the power source at your home or business will match the power needs of your used plasma cutter. Too often a cutter is purchased at an auction or from the Internet with power requirements which can't be met at the work location. Most light and medium used plasma cutters run on either 110 or 220 V. Also, for 220 V versions, be sure to face requirements can be met at the work location.

Used Plasma Cutter

Used plasma cutters can normally be run with generators with outputs of at least 8000 W. Many used cutters may have automatic sensors which allow them to run on single phase or three phase 208 V through 575 V. again, before purchasing, always check the power source at the work location. Additionally, many used plasma cutters have built in power fluctuation capacity. Often times fluctuations of voltages between 20 and 30 V can be handled by used plasma cutter.

Cutting capacity of used plasma cutters:

Before purchasing your used cutter, determined what thickness of metal it will be used to cut most of the time. Also determine if cutting speed should be a factor. Miller used plasma cutters capabilities are rated at 10 inches per minute for 3/8" steel. This is significant cutting performance will satisfy most requirements. The cutting speed dramatically increases as the thickness of metal decreases. Higher capacity cutters have very fast cutting speeds. For example they used spectrum 1000 plasma cutter is rated at over 75 inches per minute on 3/8" steel. Be aware that hand cutting with a gas torch is usually rated at only 10 inches per minute for quality cuts.

Plasma cutter duty cycles:

The duty cycle of a used cutter is the number of minutes out of a total of 10 minutes of operating at rated capacity. For example I used 400 and machine with the duty cycle of 70% could operate at 400 amps for just six minutes without the need of cooing. Most used plasma cutters have their duty cycles calculated in hot environments. Therefore even on the hottest summer days you're Miller used plasma cutter should perform well.

Air requirements of used in over plasma cutters:

All Miller covers require a steady and clean air source from an air compressor. The plasma cutter also requires dry air. Each machine has its own pressure requirements which should be checked to ensure the workplace can also satisfy these air pressure requirements. Some smaller used plasma cutters come with built-in air compressors. However, all of the larger units require external air compressors for their gas sources. 40 to 60 PSI are usually required in most cutting situations

It is important to assess the portability of used cutters. If the cutter is to remain on the workbench in most situations wait is not necessarily an issue. However, should they be need to be transported, delay to the unit should be considered. Also check that the cutters controls are all functioning and easy to use. Make sure the diagnostic lights all functioning correctly and check to see if any consumables are included with the cutter. Often times, when buying a used cutter, buyers can request that any consumables that may go along with the plasma cutter can be included at no extra charge.

Another consideration is servicing the unit should the need arise. Is the unit from a well-known manufacturer who stands behind their products and are there dealers in your area should the product needs service. Some used cutters, even used ones, may still have some of the factory warranty intact. Additionally, there should be an air filter and dryer included with the purchase usually.

Here's a checklist for purchasing a used plasma cutter. Check the voltage requirements in the cutters speed per minute on a gauge of steel most likely used for cutting. Be sure all cables are not cracked or otherwise damaged. Notice if the used plasma cutter is dirty inside compartments. This could be an indication of how well the plasma cutter was taking care of.

The Internet can be a good source for finding a used product. However, be sure the seller can be trusted. Online auctions are fine for purchasing used plasma cutters, just make sure these sellers at the online auction have good feedback ratings from their other buyers. Also consider the weight of the plasma cutter will significantly add to the cost of shipping the product.